Lecture two

What is digital storytelling

In last week lecture, we focused on digital storytelling. Digital storytelling  combines the art of traditional story-telling with the use of new technologies, including images, sound, and video. It makes stories more compelling, educational, engaging and creative. A basic digital story is consituted by a set of slides with corresponding narration or music, but complex digital stories can also be interactive movies that include highly produced audio and visual effects.Digital stories can be instructional, historical, or reflective. people can use different methods or effects to incorporate the digital story that people hope to express. That gives the storyteller enormous creative latitude. Some learning theorists believe that as a new teaching method, storytelling can be effectively applied to almost all subjects.


Researcher and digital culture consultant, John seekly brown described digital storytelling this way: I’m particularly interested in Digital Storytelling, in new ways to use multiple media to tell stories and in the ability of kids, who are now growing up in a digital world, to figure out new ways to tell stories. They have the ability to build interpretive movies very simply and to lay sound tracks around the content. They condition or “sculpture” the context around the content. The serious interplay between context and content is key to what film—and rich media in general—are about(‘About digital storytelling,’n.d.).

How to get started with digital storytelling

Before i start this project, i did lots of preparing work for it, and i found a interesting and useful method that might can help others to get a good start with digital storytelling. So i post it on my blog and share it with you. In the article 8 Steps to Great Digital Storytelling, Samantha Morra provides an overview of the storytelling process as shown in the following graphic:


The steps will be:

Step one: Choose character.

Step two : Research/ Explore / learn about  the character ( using google doc)

Step three: Write the script about the character ( analog)

Step four : Storyboard ( analog or digital ).

Step five : Gather images.

Step six : Use I movie to create the story.

Step Seven: Share in the students blog

Step eight:  Comment on 2 students blog.


About digital storytelling.(n.d) Viewed by 21 march 2017.


Morra, S., 2013. 8 steps to great digital storytelling. [blog] WordPress. Viewed by 20 march 2017.

8 Steps To Great Digital Storytelling



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